Inflectra Offers Easy Migration for Atlassian Customers to Its Spira Platform


    Inflectra, a leader in software test management platform once again confirmed that it is committed to releasing its flagship Spira products as both on-premise and cloud-hosted options. For customers striving to migrate from Jira Server, the company gives an easy migration of user stories, source code, test cases, and defects while also coordinating releases and versions. A likewise instinctive synchronization and migration path are accessible for those who are using Jira plugins, like TM4J, XRAY, or Zephyr. This shift is in response to Atlassian’s declaration about the stoppage of sales and the discontinuation of Jira Server.

    About Inflectra Corporation

    Inflectra is a leader in enterprise portfolio management space, test automation, application lifecycle management, and software test management. It was established in 2006 and is headquartered in the USA but has offices in more than 10 countries. It generates turn-key solutions that deal with many challenges in QA and software testing, product lifecycle management, and test automation. The company utilizes a concurrent pricing model for all its tools with endless projects, tests, products, API calls, sprints, encompassed in a single price.

    “The Jira Server customers have two paths forward with Inflectra: the users of an on-premise solution can seamlessly move from Jira Server to Spira; the Inflectra customers who choose to migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud can continue to enjoy the existing Spira integration,” said Adam Sandman, Director of Technology at Inflectra.

    Many Jira Server clients may have already invested in particular plugins to provide missing functionality such as testing, time tracking, and requirements management. Inflectra has operated with its implementation collaborators to assure that Spira has assistance for the key features needed by Jira Server clients. For more information on how to export from Jira to Spira refer here.

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