India Poised to be the Leading Hub for Software Testing: Latest Industry Trends and Insights

    India is anticipated to surpass the competitors in the software testing market as a rising proportion of software development organisations outsource their software testing work to the country. India is expected to hold 70% of the market in the future, according to industry experts, as the significant proportion of testing jobs worldwide will be outsourced to India.

    Software testing, which costs roughly 30% of the project’s total cost, is essential to ensuring the accuracy of application development and updates.

    “With an increase in the number of software development organisations outsourcing their software testing jobs here, India is predicted to control 70% of the market,” said Manish Gupta, CEO of Chandigarh-based TestingXperts. TestingXperts is the world’s fifth largest pure play QA and software-testing company.

    The market for software testing was anticipated to be worth $40 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase to $70 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 6%. Prominent companies in the sector, according to analysts, either have their headquarters in India or some of their largest offshore delivery centres. India stands out as one of the key regions in the worldwide software testing industry, along with the Europe, US, China, Japan, and South East Asia.

    According to Manish, 2022 has seen the continuance of enormous technological and digital transformation shifts, requiring organisations to indulge in ongoing innovation and self-reinvention. The extensive and rapid technological progress impacts enterprises’ software development, validation, delivery, and operational processes. “So, in order to develop and deliver high-quality software quickly, these organisations must constantly innovate and reinvent themselves. To do this, they must identify ways to improve their processes and technologies,” he added.

    It is obvious from the reports around the world that software breakdown can cause irreparable harm. A 2017 poll by Tricentis found that firms around the world have reported losing $1.7 trillion in assets, which has an effect on 3.7 million people globally. If the final product successfully passes each testing stage, it will perform better than expected as it has undergone enough software testing. The testers are able to locate the errors at each stage and take action to prevent such issues in the future.

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