ImpactQA ranked among top Software QA companies in the UK


    A research platform Clutch has recently published a list that includes the name of top leaders in the software testing business. ImpactQA stands among the leading software quality affirmation companies in the United Kingdom. This list is of utmost relevance for businesses that are striving for a reliable software testing partner around the world.

    About Clutch

    Clutch is an international platform which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. This organization works in market research, which enables other businesses to identify the dominating representatives in the B2B field. The ratings and reviews are constantly being updated to form relevant and detailed statistics.


    ImpactQA is an international leader in software testing and QA consulting. It’s headquarter is located in New York, the company has centres in the UK, Germany, US, and India. It has been leading the market since 2010, assisting customers all over the world to attain a strong advantage in the market. The organization’s 60% business preference is towards Performance Testing, DevOps, Test Automation, Security Testing and Mobile App Testing that exemplifies the dominant roots in the industry. 

    Sana Ansari, Head of Marketing department, said, “We have worked with a great deal of innovation and have raised the benchmark in terms of quality of service delivered. Such vast experience and vision of extending testing services all around the globe make ImpactQA a prime face among the market leaders of the industry.”

    Organization’s client-based strategy encourages them to take numerous software testing operations from enterprises like eCommerce, Health and Wellness, FinTech, eLearning, Airline, BFSI, Healthcare, and many more. Such an amazing strategy of client fulfillment caught the sight of the Clutch’s matrix team who speculates that in some time ImpactQA will dominate the position among the top software testing companies.

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