IBM introduces Watson Orchestrate to help professionals with Task Automation


    IBM at the latest Think Conference inaugurated an AI-powered automation tool called Watson Orchestrate. It is presently in preview in IBM Cloud Paks for Automation and is anticipated to be commonly available later in 2021 as a SaaS offering, the early access is coming in June as part of IBM Automation Cloud Paks and a visual demo is available at the IBM media center. Watson Orchestrate enables businesses and individuals to incorporate interactive AI into their apps.

    IBM’s Tool Watson Orchestrate

    Watson Orchestrate operates in perfect sync, planning and organizing tasks for professionals, and it doesn’t require any IT knowledge to set up. It boosts productivity and efficiency in areas such as sales, human resources, and more. Through the use of collaborative technologies like Slack and emails written in natural language, the new interactive AI capability is aimed to boost the efficiency of business professionals in the workplace and do duties more humanely. It also connects with key corporate platforms like Salesforce, SAP, and Workday, allowing professionals to rapidly access the information they require.

    According to a new “Global AI Adoption Index 2021” survey, 80 percent of companies are already using or planning to use automation software and tools in the next 12 months. The AI and automated capabilities in Watson Orchestrate are among the latest innovations developed by IBM Research and commercialized into a product to help customers adopt IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI solutions and reclaim their time. Microsoft made a similar promise with their Power Platform offering. Furthermore, AWS with Honeycode and Google with AppSheet have offerings that provide automation capabilities – yet not infused by AI.

    Watson Orchestrate is powered by a cutting-edge AI engine that can work on the go. It links to apps, tools, data, and history and automatically selects and arranges the pre-packaged capabilities required to execute a project. Business professionals can use Watson Orchestrate to automate typically repetitive processes like sending emails, arranging meetings, obtaining permissions, and other vital tasks. It can be used to gain access to business systems, establish business plans, and assist professionals in sales, operations, HR, and other areas in customizing their responsibilities. Its broad library enables difficult tasks to be completed fast.

    Dion Hinchcliffe, vice president, and principal analyst at Constellation Research said in a tweet, “The new #WatsonOrchestrate is a powerful example of how to supercharge and streamline the #digitalworkplace. Connects apps to deliver end-to-end business processes to boost productivity and quality of work.”

    Watson Orchestrate is one of IBM’s various automation-focused initiatives. In addition, the company also released a new edition of its Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, which combines multiple technologies to automate time-consuming and often boring IT management and operations duties.

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