HeadSpin secures Atlassian Ventures’ funding to enhance Agile, DevOps, and Synthetic Observability investments

    HeadSpin recently announced that Atlassian Ventures had made a strategic investment. To provide distinctive innovation to its community of 250,000 cloud customers, Atlassian Ventures makes investments in businesses that offer value to the three key industries that Atlassian serves: work management for all, IT service management, and agile & DevOps. The success of HeadSpin’s objective to help businesses quickly develop and deliver top-notch digital experiences is demonstrated by this investment. Additionally, the investment will support the addition of DevOps capabilities to the HeadSpin Platform, enabling teams to continuously monitor and improve app performance.

    About HeadSpin

    HeadSpin is a digital experience testing platform that helps companies improve the performance of their applications by using data science. The platform has access to real devices in over 90 locations and can test a variety of devices, including mobile phones, desktop browsers, and even automotive systems. The platform can perform both manual and automated testing, which helps companies achieve better digital experiences, faster problem resolution, and cost savings.

    “Our innovative Platform has been transforming pre-release and post-release testing, analysis, and monitoring processes for digital products worldwide. HeadSpin will now focus more deeply on helping SRE and DevOps teams easily use contextual experience data to improve the experience of their apps. Atlassian Ventures’ investment marks a crucial milestone in accelerating the development of our agile, DevOps, and synthetic observability capabilities,” said Rajeev Butani, Chief Executive Officer at HeadSpin.

    Using data science and extensive real-world testing, the testing platform enables businesses to optimize their digital software experiences. Clients including T-Mobile, Flipkart, Globo, and Nedbank utilize the platform to execute human and automated tests and gather data on more than 100 KPIs, including the number of launches, time of application usage, number of downloads, retention rate, number of active users, and impact time. To facilitate functional performance assessment of mobile apps, HeadSpin will now concentrate on site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps teams, providing them with deep-performance issue evaluation and tracking data.

    Commenting on the investment, Sarah Hughes, Head of Corporate Development at Atlassian, said, “We’re impressed by HeadSpin’s ability to quickly triage issues and streamline updates across distributed teams. We’re excited about the potential this technology holds to enhance reliability for Atlassian’s 250,000+ cloud customers.”

    HeadSpin has developed a metric called Impact Score, which is widely used by companies as a benchmark for measuring the quality of mobile app experiences. This score is similar to Google’s Lighthouse, which is used to test desktop web apps. The Impact Score is calculated by analyzing various aspects of the mobile app experience, such as screen change, page content score, and video quality. By using HeadSpin’s advanced capabilities, companies can improve collaboration between their different teams and proactively improve performance, which helps them confidently launch their apps.

    The platform can reduce production issues by up to 90% and speed up app development by up to 30%. Atlassian Ventures’ funding will enable synthetic observability by integrating data science insights. This will lead to faster time-to-market and better product quality through continuous testing and monitoring.

    For more details about the platform, interested users can visit

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