Digital Experience AI Platform HeadSpin Launches New Self-serve Performance Monitoring Platform


    Digital experience AI platform HeadSpin on Wednesday announced the launch of HeadSpin Compass, a recent self-serve performance monitoring platform that enables users to test, monitor, and evaluate digital performance experiences across web and apps on real devices all over the world with no code changes required.

    With Compass, users can get assured optimal digital experiences with in-depth performance visibility, analysis of extensive key performance indicators (KPIs) such as time to interact, loading time, low page content, blank or frozen screens, and more, and ML-based insights and recommendations. Compass also complements prevailing development processes by providing users with data and monitoring side by side.

    “Organizations are seeing an influx of users on their digital platforms and require an effective pre-launch performance measurement tool to proactively identify and triage experience issues,” said HeadSpin CEO Rajeev Butani. “Only with deep insights from real devices operating in multiple locations around the world can the significantly increased quality of experience users today expect to be met. HeadSpin Compass was purposefully built to make it easier for developers to launch mobile products quickly, with the high degree of customizable insights necessary to achieve optimal performance goals with the highest level of precision to deliver best in class user experience.”

    HeadSpin Compass guarantees that mobile product teams are prepared to deal with the rising needs and demands of users with distinct and differentiated capabilities:

    • Quality of Experience and In-depth execution inspection.
    • Performance monitoring and End-to-end testing on an ever-expanding pool of actual iOS and Android devices.
    • Customizable dashboards to deliver better insight into the data.

    “HeadSpin Compass provides a great platform to test applications and monitor performance based on different user metrics, as well as the capability to capture logs and debug the tests during execution,” said Sumeet Panjabi, Senior QA Automation Engineer, and City Hero for The Test Tribe, India’s Largest Software Testing Community.

    HeadSpin Compass facilitates developers to provide high-quality mobile experiences with better efficiency through the following features:

    • Global Device Infrastructure – Test and monitor where your users are in 17 locations worldwide.
    • Manual and automated testing – HeadSpin Compass lets users do both Manual and Automated testing.
    • In-Depth Performance and QoE Data – HeadSpin’s AI engine gives you the data and analysis you need to proactively identify and resolve performance and functional issues faster.
    • Experience monitoring – Users can continuously monitor and analyze the KPIs, including custom-defined user journey interactions specific to the app, for full visibility into the real user experience.
    • Secure, scalable APIs – Comprehensive library of APIs provide support for any test framework and enables as many workflows as possible without user intervention.
    • Parallel testing – Run concurrent tests across through which users can compare testing results simultaneously.
    • Test artifacts – Save screenshots, test logs, captured network packets, HTTP traffic, and recorded sessions that can be shared with others.
    • Team Management – Collaborate with team members with the team and user access features.
    • Analytical Data Pipeline – Users can easily export data and insights to business intelligence (BI) tools and visualization dashboards with flexible integrations to REST APIs, webhooks, and BI platform connectors.

    To learn more about the platform or for starting a free trial visit:

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