TestBot – Embien Technology’s latest cross-platform software tool to automate the entire testing process of Device under test


    Embien has come up with a customizable and generic outcome that is powered by an automatic cross-platform software mechanism that can automate the whole testing process of the Device under test (DUT) with ease.

    About Embien

    Embien Technologies is a firm operating in embedded systems development, high-tech engineering, assisting customers to take lead in their respective markets. Established in 2010, with workstations in the USA and India, they have continuously been providing turnkey services across geographies and business verticals.

    At the launch meeting, Embien’s CEO, Mr. Saravana Pandian Annamalai said, “Testing has become an inevitable part of product development, as it helps in ensuring the quality, performance, and reliability of any embedded devices that could make or break the brand. Having profound experience in delivering various embedded solutions for a variety of products, we designed this ready to deploy a solution that will take the entire testing process to another new level.”

    Embien’s Testbot

    Embien’s TestBot allows clients to change to simpler ways of validation, where manual interventions are not at all required. It assists in reducing the elevated threat of error and saves both time and expense used on repetitive manual testing. TestBot authorizes the cloud applications, hardware, and software of the final output by operating applicable test scripts and offering customizable analog, electromechanical, and digital inputs.

    Some of the characteristics of TestBot comprises essential transceivers for interfaces like RS485, LIN, RS232, and CAN, controllable analog front circuitry for 4 to 20mA current or -10V to +10V differential voltage inputs, multiple IOs, communication interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, etc. – generally every interface for any application, It also offers support for futuristic expansion. It even develops aggregate reports of each test case with comprehensive explanations and incorporates unique details that enable automatic report generation in the form of an XML, text document, or spreadsheet format.

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