Eggplant announces cloud-based AI-powered software testing solutions


    Automation expert Eggplant have inaugurated a new AI-powered software testing platform. The cloud-based outcome strives to assist accelerate the delivery of software in a constantly-changing world while retaining a high bar of quality. Businesses have stimulated their transition to the cloud due to the pandemic and resulting improvements in things such as home working. New research from Centrify found that 51 percent of businesses that adopted a cloud-first model was prepared to deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19 far more effectively.

    Eggplant’s new platform features

    Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence Platform features are as follows :

    • Completely automated self-healing test assets: The usage of AI recognizes the tests required and operates them automatically, under full user supervision. These tests are self-healing, and automatically adapt as the system-under-test evolves. 
    • Monitoring insights: The improvement of advanced user experience (UX) data points and metrics, facilitates clients to benchmark their applications UX execution. These understandings, amplified to the UX behavior, help enhance SEO.
    • Cloud-based end-to-end automation: The scalable fusion engine gives frictionless and profitable end-to-end testing in the cloud, for any apps and websites, and on any target platforms. 

    Gareth Smith, CTO of Eggplant, said, “The launch of our cloud platform is a significant milestone in our mission to rid the world of bad software. In our new normal, delivering speed and agility at scale has never been more critical. Every business can easily tap into Eggplants’ AI-powered automation platform to accelerate the pace of delivery while ensuring a high-quality digital experience.” 

    This operation assists the “citizen developer” movement – utilizing AI to enable low-code/no-code development for people with less programming knowledge. Eggplant’s combination of AI and cloud technologies should enable businesses to deal with COVID-19’s unusual challenges.

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