Deque Systems announces Axe Accessibility testing tool for Edge Browser


    Deque Systems, a leading company in digital accessibility, announced the release of its axe accessibility testing tool for Microsoft’s new Edge web browser. Axe browser extensions are used by approximately 135,000 customers each week and utilize the industry-standard axe-core open-source rules library for WCAG and Section 508 accessibility.

    “The axe extension helps developers catch over 50 percent of accessibility problems while coding, dramatically reducing the time and cost of manual accessibility testing,” says Dylan Barrell, Chief Technology Officer at Deque Systems. “Now development teams using Chrome, Firefox or Edge can easily check for accessibility defects right from the browser.”

    About Deque Systems

    Deque is a web accessibility software and services organization, and its goal is Digital Equality. They function with enterprise-level businesses and organizations to guarantee that their websites and mobile applications are accessible. Installed in over 250,000 browsers and with over 1,000 audit projects finished.

    “We’re pleased to see yet another valuable extension like axe added to the Microsoft Edge browser ecosystem. Enabling developers to build accessible experiences in Microsoft Edge will benefit users everywhere,” says Ashish Poddar, Sr. Product Manager – Browser Experiences at Microsoft Edge.

    Similar to its Chrome and Firefox equivalents, axe for Edge is an easy to use, automated testing tool that assists developers to identify and unravel common accessibility gaps that prevent or limit people with disabilities from accessing websites and their contents. These accessibility defects, when left in place, restrict people with motor, speech, auditory, visual, or mental disabilities and their numerous assistive technologies to experience the full advantages of the web.

    Axe browser extension for Edge can be downloaded now from here:

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