Cignithon 2021: Global Virtual Testing Hackathon – A Huge Success

    Cignithon 2021 Global Virtual Testing Hackathon by Cigniti was a two-day testing Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe. The participants got the opportunity to test up to 3 products under Security, UI, and Functional type. The hackathon also provided the participants with the opportunity to compete with 100s of other testers from all over the world.

    Cignithon 2021 was the biggest hackathon with over 400+ registrations, participants from 164 companies and 12 countries. Software Testers from all over the world competed with each other for 36 hours to uncover bugs in 3 applications and around 2100+ bugs were registered throughout the event.

    Cignithon 2021 comprised of many events and the winners are as follows:

    • For Myntra
      • Winner – SuperQE comprising Manjunath BS, Vasista TVN, and Randhir Bhagat.
      • 1st Runner Up – Fatal_Four comprising Milind Kulkarni, Prashant Hegde, Gururaj Hiremath, and Chaya Bhat.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Strikers comprising Pranav KS and Megha Pathak.
    • For
      • Winner – Avengers comprising Saket Agarwal and Navia Garg.
      • 1st Runner Up – Gangs of Wasseypur (PROs) comprising Sagar SK, Siri Murthy, K Balavardhan, and Keerthana M Bharadwaj.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Out of the box comprising Sheetal Tamta Kohli.
    • For Cometa.Rocks
      • Winner – Believers comprising Rahul Parwal, Gaurav Khurana, Pooja Shah, and Sahitya Reddy Kadapakonda.
      • 1st Runner Up – Tantei comprising Shobhana Sathyanathan, Vishnupriya A Poduval, Rukmani Palaniappan, and Shanmugam Sathappan.
      • 2nd Runner Up – Bug Hunters comprising Sai Dinesh, Krishna Kamakshi Brahma, Manikant P, and Tejaswini K.
    • For Selfie Contest
      • Winner – Rahul Parwal
      • 1st Runner Up – Mary Grace Mallari
    • For Social Contest
      • Winner – Mahathee Dandibhotla
      • 1st Runner Up – Ram Kiran B
    • For Experience Ranges
      • Youngest Tester – Venkata Murali Krishna K
      • Most Experienced Tester – Shobana Sathyanathan
    • For Best Feedback
      • Winner – Manjunath
    • For What’s The Sound
      • Round 1 Winner – Pranav Jha
      • Round 2 Winner – Megha Pathak
      • Round 3 Winner – Chaya
      • Round 4 Winner – Megha Pathak
      • Round 5 Winner – Simranjeet Kaur

    “Cignithon 2021 is the first-ever Testing Hackathon that I had participated in with my team – The Powerpuff Girls. This was an amazing event and an amazing experience in terms of learning, fun, and networking. I got the opportunity to interact with the brightest minds of the country and understood their perspectives of testing and the bugs they log. The networking session was brilliant as it opened doors to interact with a lot of new people. Then joining the table networking conversations with Ralf Roeber, understanding his perspectives, and the amazing support he gave throughout the event was amazing. And winning the social media contest was the icing on the cake,” said Mahathee Dandibhotla.

    “Cignithon 2021 was all about memories for me, I’m taking the best memories away and I would like all testers to participate in all such events and make the most of it. Sometimes it’s not about winning, it’s about the kind of vibe you pass to people. Somebody somewhere could be inspired through the kind of actions that you take,” she added.

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

    Check out more Software Testing Events and Hackathon here. 

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