Bobidi Raises $5.8 Million to Build Global Bug Bounty Platform for AI Models

    Bobidi, an AI model testing platform, recently announced that it has raised $5.8 million in seed funding from Meta, Scrum Ventures, Y Combinator, We Ventures, Atlas Pac Capital, New Product Experimentation (NPE), Hyundai Motors Group ZER01NE, Lotte Ventures, and angel investors. The funding will be used by Bobidi to primarily recruit talented professionals to administer the worldwide bug bounty community, build customer insight experiences, and build several fundamental machine learning technologies.

    About Bobidi

    Founded in 2021 by Jeong-Suh Choi and Soohyun Bae who left their jobs at Facebook and Niantic. Bobidi is an AI model testing tool that allows AI firms to assess models properly before releasing them. They use their worldwide network of individuals to test models and identify biases, making the whole operation 10x more efficient.

    Sunita Parasuraman, Head of New Product Experimentation Investments at Meta said, “We’re thrilled to back the talented founders of Bobidi, who are helping companies better validate AI models with an innovative solution driven by people around the globe.”

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded into every sector, revolutionizing how businesses interact with their clients. However, in the race to construct, test, and spread AI, businesses frequently lack the resources and time to adequately verify their models to guarantee there is no bias or harm. This results in a major loss of client faith and confidence, which harms a company’s reputation.

    “Companies employing AI technologies require vast amounts of data to train and improve their AI models. However, it was previously almost impossible to guarantee that an AI model would perform well in the real world before actually deploying it because of the threat of unknown unknowns. The training and testing data sets may not fully capture the complexity of the problem in the real world,” said Michael Yan, Head of Technical Investments at Scrum Ventures. “With Bobidi’s massive network of testers around the world, companies now have a way to quickly test and validate their AI models by leveraging the power of a global community.”

    Bobidi is developing a global bug bounty platform to assist businesses in validating AI models 4x to 10x more efficiently. Clients can securely link AI models to the global bug bounty community using the company’s technology. The Bobidi community can also test models and identify biases using a streamlined procedure that minimizes verification time. The platform is also more efficient because the datasets obtained through the bug bounty are the unique data required by the model.

    Bobidi believes that the ideal individuals to uncover the weaknesses in the AI model are those who are being targeted by the AI model. Participants in Bobidi’s global community will benefit from earning prizes through the Bobidi platform as well. Participants in many countries can earn $10 to $20 per hour, which is significantly more than local rates. Aside from the benefits, participants will enjoy deceiving the AI models, collaborating with others, making their track records, and establishing their own identity in the community.

    Choi explained, “The word Bobidi is a part of the spell from Cinderella, ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ that turned everything ordinary into something extraordinary, like a pumpkin into a carriage. Like the spell, we hope to magically turn everything around people into a valuable data point for AI companies to create something great for the world.”

    Interested people can visit for more details about the platform.

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