Gartner reports RPA revenue in Australia to increase 20% in the year 2021


    Research from Gartner indicated that Revenue for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Australia is anticipated to boost 20.8% next year, and revenue is expected to reach $90.4 million in 2021 as demand persists to rise.

    The research company referred to tight budgets and challenges with outsourcing business processes offshore for the boost in demand.

    Global revenue this year is expected to reach $1.58 billion, an 11 percent improvement from 2019. RPA software prices are also indicated to decrease 10 percent to 15 percent, with annual 5 percent to 10 percent decreases anticipated in 2021 and 2022, establishing strong downward pricing pressure. 

    Gartner’s research vice president Fabrizio Biscotti said, “The key driver for RPA projects is their ability to improve process quality, speed and productivity, each of which is increasingly important as organizations try to meet the demands of cost reduction during COVID-19.”

    Gartner also predicts 90 percent of large organizations worldwide will have acquired RPA in some form by 2022. 

    Gartner’s distinguished research vice president Cathy Tornbohm said, “Gartner anticipates RPA demand to grow and service providers to more consistently push RPA solutions to their clients because of the impact of COVID-19.”

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