Election Results of Association for Software Testing (2020-21)


    What is Association for Software Testing?

    The Association for Software Testing (AST)  is a non-profit organization for software testing. Their mission is to advance the understanding of the science of software testing according to Context-Driven principles. The AST was incorporated on April 14, 2004. They accept that a self-critical, mindful mentality is basic for surveying and understanding the effect of new ideas on the practice of testing.

    Election Results

    The AST Board recently conducted elections for the new Directors for the year 2020-2021 and the results are out. The new members will be sitting at the AST Board Meeting in the latter months of the year, and will consist of the following members:

    • President: Chris Kenst
    • Vice President: James Thomas
    • Treasurer: Rachel Kibler
    • Secretary: Louise Perold
    • Vice President of Education: Lalitkumar Bhamare
    • Vice President of Marketing: Eric Proegler
    • Chief of Chapters: Ilari Henrik Aegerter

    The organization also offered their heartfelt thanks to Simon Peter Schrijver and Lena Wiberg for their services in the election process.

    The membership opportunities are always open at the AST portal and they also have different membership plans from which people can select the one most feasible. Also in case of further details and clarification, contact form for AST is available here:

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