Applitools Testing platform integrates with GitHub and Microsoft Visual Studio


    Applitools, Visual AI-Powered Testing Platform announced integrations with GitHub, GitHub Actions, and the Microsoft Visual Studio App Center. These integrations will enable developers to add Visual AI-powered testing to every build, resulting in better UI version control and enhanced developer workflows. In addition to the testing process modifications, these integrations help developers to effortlessly and rapidly correlate code changes with UI/UX updates for Visual UI version control across the mobile apps and web, utilizing any testing framework and programming language.

    Priyanka Halder, Senior Manager for Quality Engineering at GoodRx, said: “The integration of Applitools with GitHub merges two essential products that enable our team to continuously deliver. This collaboration unlocked new efficiencies without any changes to our workflow. Having used this for a while now, I cannot imagine our team being without UI version control and auto-baseline updating on merge.”

    When feature branches are established, Applitools immediately copies the feature branch to authorize a new set of baseline images. With GitHub Actions, developers receive automation instantly within their workflow and now developers can also automate visual testing for their code by integrating Applitools through a GitHub Actions workflow. From there, users can quickly address and fix regressions by using Applitools root cause analysis abilities.

    “We’re excited to welcome Applitools to the GitHub Partner Program and for them to expand their role within the GitHub ecosystem,” said Jeremy Adams, Director of Business Development and Alliances at GitHub. “Applitools’ Visual AI-powered testing platform and GitHub’s automated, streamlined developer workflow pair perfectly to support our shared vision of making it easier to ship higher quality software, faster.”

    With Visual Studio App Center, developers get simplified workflows for mobile apps comprising automated UI testing. By integrating this ability with Applitools, developers can now discover bugs on any device type before release. Applitools Eyes along with the new GitHub integrations is now available for open-source projects that are hosted on GitHub using the Applitools Open Source plan.


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