Applitools announces new Online Shopping Hackathon


    Applitools, Visual AI-Powered Testing Platform announced the Applitools Holiday Shopping Hackathon. The holiday-themed competition gives test automation engineers, developers, and quality assurance (QA) professionals a real-world scenario that exhibits how next-generation test automation Visual and Cloud AI can assist online retailers to deliver perfect apps to make the most of the holiday sales season. All participants will strive to achieve prizes as they would spend around two hours to test the functional and visual quality of the “Applifashion” retail app and make sure it is flawless ahead of the busy online holiday shopping season.

    About Applitools

    Applitools delivers an end-to-end software testing platform that is powered by Visual AI. It is utilized by people in Manual QA, Test Automation, Digital Transformation teams, Engineers, and DevOps. It is headquartered in San Mateo, California with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel.They enable engineering teams to launch high-quality mobile apps and web at tremendous speed and at inferior costs. Applitools is trusted by hundreds of companies including 50 of the Fortune 100 companies to provide the best possible digital experiences to millions of clients.

    “With the busy holiday shopping season upon us, Applitools created something fun and relevant for this time of year when e-commerce apps will be overloaded by online shoppers,” said Angie Jones, principal developer advocate and director of Test Automation University. “We’re excited to provide an easy but engaging experience that allows engineers to learn and use modern AI-based approaches to test automation.”

    During this hackathon, participants will practice modern testing strategies and understand how Visual AI technology integrated with the Ultrafast Test Cloud can modify the testing experience. Each participant will have to write three tests and then execute each test three times to detect bugs with the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud platform. Competitors can select between popular open-source test frameworks such as TestCafe, WebdriverIO, Cypress, and Selenium. Participants may also utilize their preferred language among Javascript, C#, Java, or Python.

    “The efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy using traditional approaches are astronomical. Applitools has changed the game with the Ultrafast Grid. What took me days of work with other approaches, only took minutes with the Ultrafast Grid!” said Oluseun Olugbenga Orebajo, Lead Test Practitioner at Fujitsu and diamond winner of the Applitools Cross Browser Testing Hackathon. “Not only was it easier, but it’s also smarter, faster, and provides more coverage than any other solution out there. I’ll be recommending the Ultrafast Grid to all of the clients I work with from now on.”

    The Applitools Holiday Shopping Hackathon is an enormous chance to ramp up on modern validation approaches, acquire new skills, and win thrilling prizes. It’s free for anyone to join and only two hours are required to complete. To be competent for a prize, participants must finalize the hackathon and deliver test results by December 7, 2020.

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