Applause launches its new feature ‘Bring Your Own Testers’


    Applause, the international leader in digital integrity and crowdsourced testing, today declared its Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) feature that facilitates customers to organize their internal teams – family members, friends, employees and prevailing customers – and attract them to test cycles in the Applause Platform alongside Applause’s vetted and excellent community of testers.

    The Bring Your Own Testers feature leverages Applause’s solidified SaaS platform and processes for test execution, delivery of results, and tester management so that organizations can take benefits of both the Applause Community just as their own internal groups that can convey significant testing and client feedback. BYOT terminates the time and infrastructure that the internal management of this technique generally needs.

    “Engineering and QA teams are constantly trying to test and release software builds faster and more frequently. One of the biggest roadblocks to this goal is an organization’s ability to manage all facets and parties involved in testing as the scale increases,” said Doron Reuveni, Founder and CEO at Applause.

    There are three major advantages of the Bring Your Own Testers feature:

    • Access to Applause’s completely managed service.
    • Improved testing results and feedback.
    • A seamless knowledge for internal teams.

    “Bring Your Own Testers solves this problem by providing the established and trusted Applause Platform as a means to manage both internal and external testing teams. This not only offloads the process-oriented work that can slow down Engineering and QA, but also provides a holistic view of results from all testers within a single platform,” said Doron Reuveni, Founder and CEO at Applause.

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