Applause Automates App Testing via SaaS Platform


    Applause, the worldwide leader in digital integrity and crowdsourced testing, unfurled a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that makes it simpler to automatically generate test automation scripts without writing codes. The company is moreover adding support for an application programming interface (API) through which DevOps companies can deliver new features to be tested by the Applause platform.

    Rob Mason, Applause CTO, said, “Applause Codeless Automation (ACA) platform makes it possible for testers to record a series of test case scenarios using a SaaS platform that translates those sessions into an automation script without anyone having to write any code. The current offering supports Android and Apple iOS applications with support for web applications planned.”

    Both these offerings will be incorporated with the rebranded Product Excellence Platform (PEP) offering which is a suite of tools and a platform with which Applause will be making its portfolio of offerings more convenient and accessible. With Applause’s In-Sprint Testing ability, it makes the testing procedure extra iterative utilizing a bi-directional API that can be plugged into any software development life cycle process. This ability makes it feasible to embed the feedback from the testing process into any of the bug tracking systems enforced by an application development company.

    Mason also said, “the goal is to make it simpler for a wider range of individuals to participate in application testing by making it easier to reuse tests. Also, he said, it will allow subject matter experts to record tests that can be turned into test scripts on their behalf. That approach will enable organizations to push testing further left, beyond the developers that created an application, to include the owners of that application.”

    The rate of development of applications is rising at an extremely fast pace which makes testing challenging. This ability will facilitate DevOps companies to identify errors early and thereby preventing late-stage bug fixes. The SaaS platform provides developers with a just-in-time testing capability and gives the extra advantage of making it simpler for developers to deal with errors at the moment applications are being formulated.

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