APIsec latest update introduces certified API Pen-tests reports


    APIsec, Inc. introduced an update to its API security platform enabling business security and compliance factions n to attain certified, appreciative API penetration testing reports on-demand. APIsec instantly delivers detailed pen-test reports that can be automated and circulated automatically after every code release. 

    APIsec latest update

    APIsec now gives the industry’s 100% automated and continual API security testing platform that removes the want for infrequent, costly, manual pen-testing. With this recent release, APIsec now generates certified and on-demand penetration testing reports by the compliance standards, facilitating enterprises to remain compliant at all moments at a fraction of expense.

    “Our customers love the comprehensive security test coverage APIsec provides out of the box, and they wanted to stop hiring expensive, time-consuming outside firms for penetration testing reports, Compliance mandates proof of security for APIs, which traditionally is done manually, infrequently, and is very costly. With this release, APIsec now delivers automated API penetration test certification in minutes that provides 10 times the coverage at 1/10th the price” said Intesar Shannan Mohammed, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of APIsec.

    Enterprise security and compliance factions are required to perform systematic penetration testing of their applications as required by industry standards like GDPR, PCI, SOC, NIST, CCPA, FEDramp, and HIPAA. Such penetration tests generally take months to complete and is a highly manual and costly process. As a conclusion, organizations now normally prioritize pen-tests on the most significant applications, against the most popular attack vectors.

    APIsec leveraged the automated penetration test reports capacity as part of its own SOC 2 certification. The SOC 2 auditors approved the automated penetration reports and noticed the breadth and wholeness of the security test. This feature is now accessible for all APIsec customers.

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