AgreeYa Solutions launches New RPA Solution


    AgreeYa Solutions, a leader in software, solutions, and services, newly initiated its new robotic process automation (RPA) solution to assist organizations to optimize resources, lessen operation expenses, prevent expensive blunders, automate duplicative and time-intensive tasks, and transform business processes altogether. AgreeYa’s solution enables organizations to automate knowledge-based work by providing scalable, secure, smart, and profitable process automation through intelligent bots.


     AgreeYa Solutions is an international systems integrator providing a competitive benefit to its customers through software, solutions, and services. Established in 1999, AgreeYa’s headquarter is in Folsom, California, with a worldwide impact and a group of more than 1,800 professionals. AgreeYa works with 500+ organizations varying from Fortune 100 companies to small and large businesses in various industries such as telecom, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, pharma/life sciences, utilities, technology, public sector, and others.

    “Robotic process automation is a game-changer across all industries, especially amid the current global pandemic, as it both effectively increases productivity and dramatically decreases costs,” said Ajay Kaul, managing partner of AgreeYa Solutions. “AgreeYa’s RPA solutions and technology-agnostic approach enable organizations to tap into these benefits swiftly for a leaner, more flexible approach that helps them scale quickly and achieve a speedy return on investment.”

    AgreeYa’s complete RPA solution facilitates organizations to automate business processes end-to-end. As part of its offering, AgreeYa assesses and assists businesses to find and alter ineffective processes. Its deployment process assures the least disruption, seamless integration with existing systems, and elevated ROI, to make the road to digital transformation quick and cost-effective. AgreeYa’s RPA solution also enhances the client and employee experience, mitigates manual errors and lapses, ensures compliance, and facilitates prompt turnaround times and decent process accuracy.

    AgreeYa’s innovative and scalable RPA solution offerings include:

    • Pilot and Proof of Concept program services comprising rapid prototyping, RPA roadmap creation, RPA pilot development, and center of expertise setup.
    • Bot Support comprising bot maintenance, monitoring, health checks, and release management.
    • Advisory Services comprising process and platform assessments, business case preparation, process validation, and triage services, SoP creation, and automation requirement capture.
    • RPA Delivery comprising automation scripting, robot training, testing, deployment, enhancements, and overall project management.

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