ACCELQ Automation Hackathon: 36 hours of Web Automation Challenges


    ACCELQ Automation Hackathon by The Test Tribe is a 2-Day Online Automation Hackathon, the participants will be able to display their Mobile and Web Automation Skills. Furthermore, it will provide automation testers with an opportunity to solve Thrilling Automation Challenges in a restricted time.

    ACCELQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform accessible that can be used to effortlessly automate Mobile, API, and Web testing without composing any code. ACCELQ allows users to stimulate testing by automating significant aspects of the lifecycle like test generation, planning, execution, and test design.

    The details of ACCELQ Automation Hackathon are as follows:

    • Date: 1st and 2nd May 2021
    • Time: 1st May 10:00 AM IST to 2nd May 10:00 PM IST
    • Venue: Online
    • More details: Visit here

    The ACCELQ Automation Hackathon will feature 100+ automation engineers competing with each other to grab prizes worth $1500. The challenges in the event will be of Web Automation, and attendees can either go solo or can even participate in teams with a maximum team size being 4. Apart from all this, attendees will also have an opportunity to interact with many community Testers, discuss how they test, and learn from the very best in the field.

    For further details and registering for the Hackathon visit here.

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