Report claims that 96% believe RPA is critical for digital transformation


    According to a report by Blue Prism, an RPA company located in the UK, 96% of decision-makers in India speculate that robotic process automation (RPA) is crucial for steering digital transformation. About 84% of industrial decision-makers also recognize RPA as a solution to the worldwide productivity issue.

    RPA is a technology that enables people to configure computer software, or a robot to imitate and incorporate the activities of a human interacting within digital systems to perform a business process. It streamlines enterprise projects and reduces costs by facilitating business users to dedicate more time to attend to clients or other higher-value work.

    Most of the business leaders in India are looking forward to deploying automation in their systems and getting all the benefits it has to offer. Many of them see the benefits not only in time and cost savings, but also in the accuracy it provides.

    The key insights of the report are as follows:

    • Around 80% of workers believe that Automation can make organizations more innovative.
    • As much as 99% of business decision-makers are hoping to extend the use of automation in their organizations.
    • 75% of decision-makers reported that even though RPA is in usage, they are still struggling to apply it.
    • 83% agree that more innovation is still required in its application.
    • Around 75% of workers agree that Automation improved their jobs.
    • More than 4 in 5 i.e., approx 85% feel comfortable reskilling for a change in work role.

    While many are still eager to deploy Automation, there are still numerous challenges that are still present. Organizations are still trying to overcome these challenges to introduce automation, but leaders do see positive changes in the near future.

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