8 Great Resources to learn Software Testing and Automation in 2021


    One of the important stages in the development of the software process is software testing. There are hundreds of tools out there in the market through which the automation code can be written in numerous programming languages. Most of these tools also require a decent amount of time to be put in.

    The quality assurance of a system exclusively relies on automation testing, which assists in reducing the expense of testing, and as result, improves work efficiency. The ones who are interested to learn Testing and Automation can check out the various resources from where they can learn below:

    1. Test Automation University:

    This is a forum by Applitools which provides free access to courses with transcripts, quizzes, credits, and ranks. This platform can help people in getting exposure to some real market scenarios while learning more about automation technologies at the same time. Learners can also start their Automation journey with the help of Learning Path. There are various courses available here such as – Test Automation for Accessibility, API Testing in JavaScript, Introduction to Blockchain Testing, Introduction to Cypress, and many more. For further details check here.

    2. Getting Started With Test Automation Using Selenium:

    With this course, people can start learning Test Automation with Selenium. This course will help them in getting an introductory perspective about using Selenium as an effective tool. The various concepts that people will be able to learn in this course are – typical software test flow, like test execution, requirements, writing automated test scripts, and more. Also, they will even get an introductory experience of Selenium IDE, Grid, and WebDriver. For further details check here.

    3. CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing:

    This course has been prepared by the “Agile Testing Alliance” & “University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)”. The course is specifically designed for the Manual Testing Team, Automation Testing team, Automation Specialists, Manual Testers, Freshers who are interested in learning automation. Throughout the course, users will learn the basics of testing web applications using Selenium leading to advanced topics. For further details check here.

    4. Automation Bootcamp Selenium with Java: 

    The Test Tribe offers this Bootcamp, which is the most comprehensive industry-grade Selenium with Java training available. This Bootcamp is for testers who are new to automation or who have recently started working on automation and want to learn it the right way. The Bootcamp will consist of 85+ hands-on exercises that will go on for 45+ hours. For more details check here.

    5. Software Testing and Automation Specialization:

    This course is offered by the University of Minnesota and provided by Coursera. The course will approximately take 4 months to complete. It is specifically designed for people who are beginning with software development and want to gain knowledge and skill in implementing useful testing tools and techniques in the development of their projects. The various topics covered in the project are web and mobile testing, black-box and white-box testing, formal testing theory and techniques, automated testing, and much more. For further details check here.

    6. International Institute For Software Testing:

    This is an online institute that provides online certificates for various courses that are available on the platform. They even provide live and recorded webinars that are packed with a lot of practical advice. The platform provides different kinds of testing courses such as Mobile Test Automation, Software Testing Fundamentals, and Best Practices, Automation Programming Concepts. For further details and to check the other courses provided by the platform visit here.

    7. Automation in Testing Online Courses:

    Automation in Testing (AiT) is a namespace that focuses on the education of valuable automation that supports testing activities. They offer free, high-quality resources to those who want to learn about software testing. The courses are divided into three categories: Programming Basics, Language Basics and Selenium WebDriver. For further details visit here.

    8. Automation Step by Step:

    This is a YouTube channel by Raghav Pal, an automation engineer. The channel is dedicated to various kinds of Automation and cover topics such as Postman, Katalon Studio, Selenium, and many more. Check out the channel here.

    All the courses are designed for a different levels of testers ranging from beginners to experts. So whether you are starting your career in testing or want to enhance your skills the list will help you in figuring out the best course for you. Find the one which is the best for you and start with it.

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