42Gears launches Astrofarm, a twist to Device Farms


    42Gears announced the launch of AstroFarm, a unique platform that enables businesses to link employees with the equipment they need anywhere, and at any moment. This comprises custom-owned testing devices, as well as company-owned devices that need troubleshooting. AstroFarm facilitates companies to develop private device farms with the devices they already own. This facilitates a stronger ROI on the devices a company has already purchased.

    About 42Gears

    42Gears is a Unified Endpoint Management solution provider delivering SaaS, and on-premise solutions to secure, monitor, and organize all business endpoints, such as desktops, tablets, wearables, and phones. 42Gears products help company-owned as well as employee-owned devices built on Linux, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android, VR, Windows, and Wear OS platforms. Its products are trusted by over 10,000 clients in more than 115 countries.

    “Thousands of companies have purchased devices for developers and testers to use in the office,” said Prakash Gupta, CTO, and co-founder of 42Gears. “But when working remotely, those devices are hard to access and often go unused. AstroFarm fixes that.”

    The features and benefits of AstroFarm are as follows:

    • A new way to remotely repair customer devices – Instead of sending in devices for restoration, customers can directly enroll them in AstroFarm and authorize an admin to troubleshoot them remotely.
    • A platform to remotely build a device farm – People who have a computer and a company-owned device can attach that device to the device farm remotely and no in-person contact is required.
    • A cloud-based hub for easier device access and testing – Enterprise testers and admins can acknowledge the reliability and remote access of public device farms, without the necessity to rent time on devices they already own.

    AstroFarm is now accessible through 42Gears, with custom-made demos available on the proposal.

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